Tiny Tot Hip Hop & Preschool Pop (age 2-5)

Get ready for our youngest dancers to sparkle and shine! Both Tiny Tot Hip Hop and Preschool Pop incorporate creative movement, jazz funk, and hip hop styles to current and upbeat age appropriate music for those preschoolers who just can’t help but dance! These classes will both perform in our annual spring recital.

Combo (age 3-6)

A Combo class is an excellent way to introduce your child to a classroom environment, learning how to follow directions, sequence tasks (movements and steps) and develop participation skills, such as active listening through dance instruction. Combo classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. During this time your child will learn pre-ballet, tap and tumbling. Through the use of props and upbeat music, your child will remain actively engaged for the entire class time. Changing his/her own shoes each week and participating in a class without Mom and Dad will give your child a sense of independence. You won’t want to miss seeing the joy of accomplishment on your child’s face when they come off the stage at our annual spring recital. Combo is a great entry level class for our young dancers. We suggest one season in Combo 1 before moving to Combo 2.

Tap (age 3-6)

Tap dancing is an exciting class for students as young as 5! Students enrolled in tap classes will build fine motor coordination, rhythm and whole body movement, while finding the joy of making music with their feet!  We offer three levels of Tap and each class will perform in our annual spring recital.


Jazz dancing is fun for all ages! Classes are offered for children as young as five. Dancers will listen to upbeat music while learning the many different styles of Jazz. This is a great form of exercise and will help with flexibility, strength, agility, rhythm, and so much more. We offer three levels based on previous experience as well as age. Beginning Jazz class meets for 30 minutes each week, other levels will meet for 45 minutes. All students will have the opportunity to show off their new skills in our annual spring recital.



Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy 30-minute class where students will learn how to move their bodies, while listening to popular age appropriate music. They will work on rhythm, agility, isolations, and body control through the use of many different Hip Hop styles. We offer 3 different levels and each will get the opportunity to show off in our annual spring recital!


Let your child experience the joy of ballet. Ballet is a more structured class where classical technique and terminology are presented according to students’ ages and development. We offer various levels of ballet according to age and experience.

  • Beginner Ballet and Petite Ballet: Let your young one live out his or her dream of being a ballerina in this entry level class. Dancers may begin Ballet classes at 5 years old and will meet weekly for 30 or 45 minutes. Beginning classes will focus on creative movement while introducing technique and terminology to help dancers develop a foundation that will support them throughout their continuing years of dance. All beginner students will perform in the spring dance recital.
  • Petite-Junior and Junior Ballet: These fun-filled ballet classes will meet weekly for one hour. Each week ballerinas will learn technique through the use of barre, floor exercises, performing across the floor and learning combinations. The focus will be on technique, which includes proper body position, balance and being aware of the whole body at all times while continuing to encourage creative movement. Both classes will perform in the spring dance recital.
  • Teen and Senior Ballet: These classes are for the trained and serious ballerina. Advanced Ballet classes are an hour and a half in length and in these intense classes ballet dancers must be focused and ready to learn. These classes are fast paced and enjoyable for the total dancer, where we will continue to build technique, while learning more difficult steps, turns and leaps. Our advanced Ballet students will perform in our annual spring recital.
  • Pointe Class: To begin Pointe Classes dancers must have extensive ballet training and teacher approval. Pointe dancers must have a competent knowledge of Ballet technique, strong ankles and know proper body placement in order to avoid injury. This class is combined with our Senior Ballet class. Pointe dancers enjoy this wonderful art and will have the opportunity to show off their skills in our annual spring recital.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive movement that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary classes are offered to dancers starting at age 8. All dancers in a contemporary class are required to be enrolled in a weekly Ballet class. Contemporary classes meet once weekly for 45 minutes each where students stretch, dance across the floor, and learn combinations. These classes present a great opportunity for your child to find an emotional outlet through the art of dance and will perform in our annual spring recital.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fun upbeat class where students will have the opportunity to learn dance combinations and basic acting skills through Broadway style musical numbers. This is the perfect class for students to hone performance skills for the stage. Our Musical Theatre students meet once a week for 45 minutes and will have the opportunity to dazzle us in our annual spring recital.

Tricks & Turns

Our Tricks and Turns class meets for 30 minutes each week while focusing on conditioning and progressions. Students will work on different turns, leaps and various “tricks” that are popular in the dance world. This class will help increase confidence through focusing on areas that are often a struggle for some dancers. Tricks and Turns class is incredibly beneficial for your dancer, aiding them in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre. This class does not perform in our annual spring recital.

Stretch & Flex

Our stretch class focuses on proper flexibility training and strengthening of dancers’ muscles. Aiding them in all disciplines of their dance training. This class does not perform in our annual spring recital.

Ballet Conditioning

This Ballet class will focus on building the technique of each individual dancer through the use of Barre work, across the floor exercises and center work.  With emphasis on repetition, this class will help to build muscle memory and perpetuate the use of proper technique that your dancer will utilize across all their disciplines of dance. The focus of this class is on training and growth. Ballet conditioning does not perform in our annual spring recital.

Jazz Tech

This class is formulated for dancers who have an interest in mentally and physically training for competitive dance. Beginning with a full body warm up, then across the floor progressions along with center work, this class will help with flexibility, strength, agility, rhythm, and so much more. This class does not perform in our annual spring recital.

Competition Company

Company is for the dancer who wants to take their training to the next level. DDA’s elite dancers receive the opportunity to compete 3-5 times a year on a regional and national level. To join the competition team auditions are required.