At Drake Dance Academy the health and safety of our dancers, families, and staff is of the utmost importance. We have been working diligently on incorporating the CDC and local guidelines into our classroom and building operations. Please carefully review the following procedures before you return to the studio. We are asking all customers to follow our guidelines as we do not want to compromise the safety of our students and staff. Although things may look different when we return, the love we have for our dancers will remain the same! We cannot wait to get back into the studio (safely) and see everyone!

New DDA Policies:

  • In order to follow proper social distancing guidelines, we have reduced the number of classes in session at one time, and have staggered start times to limit the number of students entering and exiting the building at one time.
  • We based classroom assignments on the amount of students able to properly distance in each room. We will only be utilizing our two larger studios for the duration of our classes.
  • We have divided our rooms into a 6×6 grid, and with the size of our rooms, in most classes we will also be able to skip a space, giving each dancer a full 12×12 space to properly “socially distance” dance in! Spaces will be clearly marked on the floor and they will stay in the marked spot and not move throughout the room—no across the floor progressions at this time.
  • We will have our outside doors and windows open throughout the studio (weather permitting) to prevent contact touching and increase airflow.
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in the lobby and both classrooms.
  • No food will be permitted in the building.
  • Both student and parent lobbies will remain closed temporarily. With the exception of our Preschool aged dancers. For dancers age 6 & under, one parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the building with them, they will need to remain seated in the lobby (6 ft apart from others!) for the duration of their dancers class.
  • We request that dancers use the restroom prior to arriving at the studio to limit bathroom usage. The bathroom will be sanitized by office personnel frequently.
  • Students that have a break between multiple classes in an evening should leave the building between classes. Parents are responsible for children who are not in class.
  • Dancers, teachers and parents who are showing any symptoms, ill or recovering must remain at home. For Example: cough, fever of 99.7 or higher, difficulty breathing, etc.
  • CDC protocols on building sanitation will be strictly followed. We will sanitize between each class and deep cleaning will occur during off hours.

New DDA Procedures:

Entering the Building

  • Dancers will be entering the building through the lobby, you will find socially distanced “markers” outside against our building for lining up prior.
  • Dancers will not be permitted into the studio before the designated class time. A staff member will come to the parking lot holding a “ready sign” with your class name on it to notify you that you may start lining up—this procedure will start 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Please arrive accordingly.
  • If you are early to class, remain in your vehicle until you see a DDA staff member. It is of the utmost importance!
  • Dancers ages 8 and under must have a parent escort her/him to the line.
  • We ask dancers/parents to remain six feet apart at all times and students will enter the studio one at a time. 
  • As students head into the studio they will be directed to wash their hands first, then continue to the proper studio.
  • Inside each studio we will have chairs appropriately spaced out, each dancer will “claim” a chair for their personal belongings, from there the teacher will instruct them where to go on the grid. **Nonessential items should remain at home. Personal belongings should remain with the dancer in his/her designated space. No food allowed!
  • We are asking dancers ages 6 and older to please wear a mask when entering/exiting the building and classrooms. Masks can be worn by the dancer during class, but will not be required as they could hinder breathing during strenuous activity. Dancers should bring a ziplock bag clearly marked with his/her name for storing the mask while not in use. (We will have clear bags available if needed.)

Class Dismissal/Exiting the Building

  • Classes will be dismissed right on time. Dancers will exit one at a time.
  • Dancers will be given hand sanitizer prior to leaving the building.
  • If your dancer is in the back studio, they will be dismissed from the back door that opens into our gravel lot. For dancers ages 9 and under we ask parents to please meet us back there (while maintaining social distance) in order to ensure student’s safety.
  • If your dancer is in the middle studio they will be dismissed from the garage door directly into the side lot. For dancers age 9 and under we ask parents to please meet us against the side of the building to ensure students’ safety. (During inclement weather they will be dismissed through the front lobby)
  • If your dancer is staying for another class, they will return to their “designated chair” and wait while the teacher properly sanitizes the area of students who have been dismissed.
  • Should a parent be late to pick up, the dancer will be sent to the lobby to wait until a parent arrives. Please try your best to be on time to reduce confusion.

Class Curriculum and Choreography Changes:

  • Choreography will be adjusted to properly maintain social distancing practices.
  • Dancers will not touch one another during choreography.
  • Teachers will abide by the six feet rule and will have no physical contact with dancers in class.
  • “Tumbling” will be eliminated from classroom curriculum. No mats will be used in any class.
  • No props will be used in class. IE: beanbags, scarves, dots, stickers, etc.

Lobby Procedures:

  • Lobby will remain closed temporarily. With the exception of our Preschool aged dancers. For dancers age 6 & under, one parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the building with them, they will need to remain seated in the lobby (6 ft apart from others!) for the duration of their dancers class.
  • We encourage you to please make payments online via your parent portal. You can find that by navigating to our website, the link to the parent portal will always be available in the top right corner of our home page.
  • If you do need to make a payment and/or speak with a staff member we ask you to please enter the lobby one at a time and not when our dancers are traveling through. Please wear a mask, our front desk will be as well, to keep everyone safe masks will be available just inside the door if necessary.


We are here to help! Please email any questions or concerns to
Thank you for your help and patience as we navigate this new normal!
Thank you,